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Foundational Changes — Human Resources

Recruiting & Onboarding Center for HR

KU is implementing Shared Service Centers (SSC) over the next two to three years as part of Changing for Excellence. As an interim step in the process the Recruiting & Onboarding Center (ROC) will open in July 2012 to coincide with the launch of the new PeopleSoft HR/Pay applications. HR is currently accepting applications for the newly-created HR Coordinator positions. The ROC will initially focus on recruiting and hiring and expand into other services over time. The ROC will be located in the Continuing Education Building. As full Shared Service Centers come online the HR Coordinators will move into their individual SSC's across campus.



Since the ROC will replace the Hiring Manager function at the department level, staff will likely be affected by this change.



The implementation of the ROC will allow the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes to be more effective and efficient than today's practices:



Technology Updates

Several new technology solutions will be "live" by the end of July. The direct impact on campus will vary based on the system:

Cross Campus Alignment

KU Lawrence and KUMC cooperated throughout the policy and process redesign effort to find solutions that worked effectively for both campuses. This opportunity to share ideas, knowledge, and best practices led to many of the improvements that will be introduced in the coming months. It also allowed the University to more effectively implement a single version of the new HR/Pay system, significantly reducing costs in that area.

It is important to note that policies and process are not identical on both campuses. The goal of the alignment was not to standardize at all costs; when a true need to maintain separate approaches was identified, different processes were created for KU Lawrence and KUMC. The best example of this is the decision to migrate many of the HR activities currently performed in the departments to the Recruiting & Onboarding Center at Lawrence. Given KUMC's smaller size it did not make as much sense to implement the ROC or Shared Service Center concept. As such, KU Lawrence processes incorporate the ROC while the Medical Center will continue to rely on departmental staff for recruiting and hiring. (It should be noted that KUMC is, however, currently exploring the possibility of creating shared service "pods", a concept very similar to Shared Service Centers.)

Increased Unit Autonomy & Accountability

One of the underlying principles throughout the process redesign efforts was increasing departmental autonomy. Units and departments will be empowered to make decisions with a lower degree of central HR oversight and approval. This is particularly true for recruiting and hiring activities due to the support and expertise in the Recruiting & Onboarding Center. Departments can be confident that the advice and support they receive from their ROC HR Coordinator represents best practice. At the same time, central HR can have a high degree of confidence that the recruiting and onboarding transactions entered into the system comply with applicable policies and are error-free, decreasing the need for central HR review.

This increased autonomy leads to several changes in the recruiting and hiring process:

  • "Core" HR/Pay The upgrade will provide more functionality and enhanced data tracking, but because the core system will be accessed only by central HR the day-to-day impact for campus users will be minimal.
  • Time & Labor / Absence Management As has been previously communicated, T&L/AM will have a significant impact for many campus users. Please See the HR/Pay web site for more information on T&L/AM.
  • TAM (Talent Acquisition Manager) This PeopleSoft module will be used to facilitate the recruiting and hiring process. Because recruitment and onboarding will now be completed by the HR Coordinators in the Recruiting & Onboarding Center, departmental users will have little need to interact with TAM, though units will retain the ability to view information in the system.
  • ImageNow Work Flow Forms The implementation of ImageNow will substantially change the way campus communicates its HR needs. The ImageNow forms will allow for electronic submission and approval routing, replacing both the PeopleAdmin recruiting system and various paper forms currently used on campus. Initially the ImageNow solution will focus on recruiting and position/appointment maintenance, but additional electronic forms may be added over time.

    Along with an increased level of autonomy there will also be a higher level of accountability. Moving forward, units and departments will be held accountable for the decisions they ultimately make. Processes are currently being developed to track and report performance metrics related to HR processes. This information will be shared with deans, vice provosts, and vice chancellors and will be used as part of the evaluation process for KU's departments and units.

    Key Policy Changes

    There have been several changes to HR policies. Some are relatively minor: for instance, the minimum posting times for certain open positions have been modified. Two major policy changes are considered foundational: the new hire probationary period and the elimination of late/retroactive hires.

    Late/Retroactive Hires

  • HR will no longer process "backdated" hires, that is, employees added to payroll after beginning work at KU.
  • Departments are required to notify HR or the Recruiting & Onboarding Center of all new employees prior to the first day that the new employee works on behalf of the University.
  • All selected job candidates must accept their electronic offer letters on or before their first day of work.

New Hire Probationary Period

  • All new Unclassified Professional Staff (UPS) and University Support Staff (USS) hires will be subject to a six-month probationary period.
  • Period can be extended to 12 months per the supervisor's request.
  • Employees on probation can be terminated at any time provided their supervisor submits a written recommendation to HR. No advance notice of termination is required and there is no appeals process.
  • Current employees who change jobs will not be subject to a probationary period unless the new position is substantially different from the former position and a probationary period is requested by the supervisor.

Office of Institutional Opportunity & Access (IOA)

The Office of Institutional Opportunity & Access (IOA) under Director Jane McQueeny has responsibility for Equal Opportunity compliance. IOA will serve all KU campuses, a change in policy from past practices. IOA is part of the Office of Diversity & Equity and no longer reports to HR on the Lawrence campus.

At a high level, EO recruiting and hiring compliance will shift from a comprehensive up-front review to a selective post-event audit approach. IOA will be available to provide guidance to units and departments at all times upon request. The details of IOA's approach are still in development, but will likely align with the following concepts:

Student Hiring

Student Hourly Hiring

The responsibility for coordinating and posting student hourly worker positions will shift from the University Career Center (UCC) to HR. The UCC will maintain its role in helping students find employment and, as such, the process will not be any different for job-seekers. Students who receive employment offers for the first time will be subject to a national sex offender registry check. These checks will be coordinated by HR and the hiring department will be responsible for the $5/hire fee.


The process for hiring Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs), Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), and Graduate Assistants (GAs) is currently being redesigned. Although the detailed process is still being developed, the goal is to coordinate GRA/GTA/GA hiring through the Recruiting & Onboarding Center and utilize the new PeopleSoft TAM recruiting module and ImageNow to greatly reduce the use of paper forms. These changes are planned for Spring 2013; updates will be made available as the process is developed further.

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