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  1. Q. Hello - Is the policy for KU maintenance employees driving and using KU vans, trucks off campus, for personal use on paid breaks and un paid lunch hours to places like Dairy Queen on Massachusetts St. and others still the same? A no-go, do not do it?

    Yeah, I'm pretty positive two HVAC guys were at DQ with a white KU state license tagged van with chrome rims on were down on Massachusetts St.

    Where should a person send time/dated cell phone photos and videos of employees and van/truck tag numbers off campus, caught in the act doing personal business so that they can be written up for violating policy, stealing KU resources, gas, money, time? Thank You.

    A. State vehicles are not allowed to be used for personal use at any time. If a vehicle is seen at an off-campus establishment (Dairy Queen, or any other), vehicle pictures with tag numbers can be sent to Vince Avila, Interim Director of Facilities Services, who will see that this is investigated and handled accordingly.

  2. Q. Hello, I was reading the Lawrence Journal World and noticed in the Heard on the Hill column that you verified a rumor that has been floating around for a few months on shift changes. I am not sure if I personally am effected by this change but felt that this information should have been given to the people who are before they read about it in the newspaper.

    One of the problems in the survey was communication or lack there of. Has anything really changed? Right now there are so many unknowns and people are really scared of the changes that they know are coming but aren't really sure what they are. Now is the time for information to be flowing to ease some of those concerns so the changes can be accepted and we can move forward in a positive way.

    Thanks for your time.

    A. We realize that the Facilities merger has been difficult, especially for those directly affected by it. We have made every effort to be transparent in this process all along the way, and we have shared information with the Facilities employees and campus community as soon as possible after decisions are made. We have distributed and posted information in the Facilities area and continue to post bi-weekly updates on the Changing for Excellence website. A town hall meeting was held in the Kansas Union in early May to share information about the newly created Facilities Services positions and opportunities related to the merger. The job application timelines and the due dates for the job questionnaires were provided at that time, and the change in custodial shifts and when position assignments would be announced were also shared, so the information that recently appeared in the newspaper had already been released. It is anticipated that all positions will be assigned next week, and this information will be shared with the Facilities Services employees when that occurs. Tremendous progress has been made in implementing the goals and opportunities identified in the Facilities area thanks to lots of patience and hard work by everyone involved.

  3. Q. Are the Zone Supervisors and the Central Shop Supervisors positions considered USS salaried? Does this mean that they will not get paid for any overtime and will they get longevity pay? Also if you are chosen for a position and turn it down will you still be able to go back into the shops?

    A. Zone Maintenance Supervisor positions are USS exempt (no overtime). The Zone Custodial Supervisor and all Central Shop Supervisor positions are USS non-exempt (eligible for overtime). All positions are USS, so longevity is not affected. Applicants for supervisory positions that are offered the position but do not accept will be assigned to a zone or central shop. A form to indicate zone or shop preference will be distributed in the near future. Ultimate work assignments will be determined by FS leadership.

  4. Q. The zone map cannot be read on the web page. How can you get a clear copy.

    A. A new zone map that can be enlarged for easier viewing, as well as a list of building within each zone, have been posted on the Facilities page. They can be accessed by selecting the May 16th update link under News.

  5. Q. Is there a likelihood that all current F&O custodial workers will be asked to work the 10:30 PM to 7:00 AM shift instead of the currently available 3 shifts?

    A. Shift times are being reviewed, but no final decision has been made.

  6. Q. How many of the people recommending a 10:30 PM to 7:00 AM shift for all custodians work those hours themselves?

    A. The number is unknown.

  7. Q. How many people are involved in making the final recommendation on this question?

    A. The work group will make a recommendation to the Facilities Steering Committee. Any decision that is made will be reviewed with Human Resources to insure that it complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations as well as any other university obligations that may be applicable. The final decision will be made by Barry Swanson and/or Diane Goddard.

  8. Q. How much advance notice will be given to custodians required to shift their hours if all custodial shifts are moved to the 10:30 PM to 7:00 AM shift?

    A. If shift times change employees will be given as much notice as possible.

  9. Q. In reviewing what are the best hours for a custodian to be working in a building or buildings, overnight or early morning hours, do you consult the building staff, scientists, technicians, administrative staff, librarians etc. directly on what hours for custodial help best suit their needs?

    A. During the course of the Changing for Excellence Project, multiple individuals in various work groups, focus groups and climate survey meetings referenced that it was hard to achieve peak productivity during times that buildings are fully occupied. No final decisions have been made regarding changes to shift times at the present time.

  10. Q. If I'm currently a custodial supervisor in Hashinger hall and I do not put in for either custodial supervisor, or zone manager what happens to me?

    A. Custodial staff will be assigned to zones based on the buildings in which they currently work. In the future, custodial staff may work with their supervisors to move between zones and buildings if desired.

  11. Q. With the merging of the plumbing, sheet metal and welding shops, if I put in for the Supervisor job and do not get the job, will I be allowed to stay in the shop as a worker and will I keep my same pay?

    A. If a current supervisor is unsuccessful in their pursuit of one of the new supervisor positions they will need to participate in the process provided below to indicate their preference as to work assignment. The rate of pay will not be decreased even if the individual is no longer a supervisor.

    "Following the selection of zone managers, zone supervisors, and central shop supervisors there will be a staff selection process in which all six zones and central maintenance shop staff will be assigned based on employee preferences, skills and experience, and familiarity with facilities within certain zones. Maintenance employees will be asked to complete a zone preference form that will be distributed to maintenance staff on Monday, May 7th. Every effort will be made to accommodate employee preferences."

  12. Q. When is the job description for central shop maintenance supervisors going to be posted. And is there going to be information about the construction jobs with dcm come available. Thanks for your time.

    A. The position descriptions for the central shop supervisors will be posted no later than May 9th. No timeline has been established for the Construction Services position.

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