May 19, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Consolidate FO and Housing Maintenance Staffcapitalize on economies of scale

  • Met with operations to discuss FS OOE budget. Active discussions and process changes focused on ways to further ‘capitalize on the economies of scale’: Zones and Shops instructed to check with storeroom for all purchases to make sure products don not currently exist. Work Management actively identifying ‘non-essential’ work orders that take focus from essential maintenance and repair of facilities – drafting request denial language.
  • Site visits for space analysis of FS Spaces completed by Sabatini. Presentation of results of the study scheduled in near future.
  • Completed preparations for another great Commencement event – 2nd under new FS organization. No major problems to report. Many compliments received including retweet by @KUnews specifically about facilities crews. Zones and shops well-coordinated by Laura Sellers in Special Services.
  • P3 Utility study ongoing. Consultant meeting with 2nd shift crew next week to discuss Emergency Power systems.

Performance Managementimplement cultural change to improve staff engagement

  • Mobile Workforce:  All intended maintenance shops now fully deployed and trained (192 current users) with mobile devices and EZMax for electronic work order management. Mobile devices also equipped with Email and Lync (voice and video call enabled) for significantly improved communications not only within our organization, but further connecting our maintenance staff throughout campus as a whole. (See ‘PM Program’ below for further details.)
  • Continuing efforts to engage maintenance staff in work logs on work orders in Maximo. This serves as a ‘running chat room’ on our work orders. This feature gives further transparency throughout our organization on these issues. Ex: comments from the zone responder can be seen by the assigned central shop worker directly through EZMax – also by work management and zone administration for increased customer service and status transparency. Siri-enabled devices allow workers to have their spoken updates translated into text.
  • Working with FS Garage on many process improvements. Solutions identified on improved fuel reporting, improved PM program on vehicles, and overall improved asset (vehicle) tracking. Will move operation to full 700 cost recovery and adjust rates appropriately.

Zone Maintenancedevelop system to reduce supervisory staff and improve efficiency

  • Working with zones on maximizing summer project efficiency. Identifying key projects and identifying ‘shareable’ resources to increase budget efficiency and expedite critical projects.
  • Proposed change in custodial services discussions ongoing. Change proposed seeks to better align service and personnel with departmental needs. Budget discussions and HR factors will also play a role in this outcome.
  • Met with DCM and IAO to identify scope of work for summer improvements to sidewalks and to resolve several ADA accessibility issues.

Energy Reduction and Sustainabilityexecute plan with incentives for participation

  • Continued and ongoing discussions on ESP contract status. GC office has lead to draft termination document.
  • Westar chose KU to continue on as a potential site for installation of a 10kW solar array. KU has submitted proposals for 2 locations: AFH parking garage and M2SEC roof. This selection moves KU up to the next level for consideration.
  • Ongoing: Working with Sustainability office on waste diversion and recycling initiatives to reduce overall waste on campus and facilitate reporting of waste streams.
  • Ongoing: Working on committee to select KU-preferred standard trash receptacles from recent RFP results. Four vendors presented alternatives. Committee recommended a dual receptacle with both trash and recycling bins. Summary and recommendation being finalized and will be provided to leadership next week.
  • Proceeding with installation of new electrical meters on west campus. Installation set for July 26th. Meters will measure energy use and report back to central metering database.

PM Program:

  • Mobile workforce: This was a major hurdle for PM as we have designed work order processing around our workers being able to receive PM and Asset information through these devices. This information was not possible to deliver through traditional paper methods.
  • Chillers: Found some missing chillers in the PM program. Working with HVAC shop to update. Also working with HVAC to optimize chiller check routing to increase efficiency.
  • Air Compressors: Basic PM program complete and fully automated. As time allows, we will be updating quarterly and annual PMs in this program.
  • Emergency Generators:  Found flaw in PM program – actively changing from ‘Generator’ PM to more relevant ‘Emergency Power System’ PM. Important distinction now allows for job plans to include inverters, battery backups, etc., as different buildings contain different types of systems. Now able to incorporate all relevant assets into the system asset. Also working with 2nd shift on scheduling these system checks in accordance with customer expectations.
  • Backflow preventers: All entered. Now working on separation of responsibility between backflows checked by central shop vs. zone. Actively scheduling ‘fire’ and ‘domestic’ backflows for central shops by using asset specifications in Maximo.
  • Roofs:  Fully automated indefinitely. Zones actively checking and completing roof checks based on our automated PM work orders.
  • Air Handling Units: No major change since last update. All Zones working to verify hard copy data; still much work and data gathering to be done since there are so many AHU’s on campus, and no electronic records or inventories were available.
  • Maximo Reset:  Ongoing discussions with CFI and KU IT leadership. Identified critical need for CFI maintenance hours for updating and repairing our current system. Resubmittal by CFI now more accurately aligns CFI process with KU objectives. Continuing to discuss next steps, and pull together proposal for leadership review and approval.

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